Why Easy Pay?

Why pay at Easy Pay?

Our day-to-day necessities such as groceries, medical supplies, stationery items, and fruits and vegetables, find their payment at their respective places such as a grocery (kirana) store, stationery shop, chemist shop, and green grocer.

But what about the different bills we pay at the end of the current month, or at the starting of the consecutive month?

We pay electricity bill at A place, gas bill at B place, phone bill at C place, and so on and so forth for other utilities.

How about a device that provides you with the facility of paying all your bills at one place?

Easy Pay is indeed a “one-point solution for all bill payments.”


Easy Pay’s business model has striking features, which makes it unique from other facilities available in the market. They are:

You save on your precious time and energy!
Everything is just through a touch, so you save on your efforts!
Transaction is done within seconds; the process of which is as easy as it could be!

Strategic placement of devices in the vicinity ensures that you save your time by not going to different places for different bills!
Outlets are placed just about 5 – 10 minutes from your place, making it easy for you to physically go there and make all the bill payments!

Your trust is a must, and we have incorporated the principle of transparency to keep your faith intact in us!
Having a dual interface in the device enables both, the retailers and customers, to look into the transaction which is taking place, and avoid any possible confusion and errors!

You pick up your choice of the mode of payment, and we facilitate you with the same!
Flexible modes of payment such as cash, cheque, debit / credit cards, and wallets cater to all the needs and worries of the diverse set of people making the bill payments!

Save while you pay, and pay more to save more!
Coupons, attractive deals and offers, and discounts do justice to your bill payments made here, and the varied range that we provide does a little too good for all the people!
Easy on your pockets, and light for your numerical mind!

Time saver – Check
Energy saver – Check
Encouraging savings – Check
Flexible modes of payment – Check
Destination reached – Customer Satisfaction

This one-stop facility provides solutions to all such problems, and that too, in a favorable manner for both, the customers and retailers.