Become an EasyPay Retailer / LBA

Getting Started

Becoming an Easy Pay Retailer means having a wide range of services at your footstep, which you can offer to your customers. We aim to support our retailers by:

  • Attracting more customers to your shop/store with our interactive user interface and convenient services; increasing your footfall
  • Helping your business progress with great banking deals and offers, and exclusive offers on business broadband, and more
  • Advising you on innovative ways to increase the profits through the Easy Pay device
  • Revolutionising the way payments happen at your desk; bringing more cash flow, and customers


  • Being the focus of the local community, providing a variety of services at one place
  • Extra source of income through the Easy Pay device; generation of additional revenue
  • More customers, living in the vicinity, coming to the shop/store; increase in footfall
  • Ample cross-selling opportunities through Easy Pay device; great savings to run the business smoothly, and make investments
  • Word of mouth marketing and good affinity, and hence, social recognition

A LBA is a Local Business Associate, and plays a very important part in the whole value chain for Easy Pay.

  • Receiving attractive ROI due to additional income generated, from the commission shared by Easy Pay
  • Healthy remuneration received upon acquisition of a new retailer
  • Remuneration received upon each transaction made by the retailer, at a regular time interval
  • Compensation received upon first transaction made by the outlets
  • Social recognition due to good rapport with the retailers, and the subsequent profits and turnovers in the market
  • Market intelligence acquired due to intensive data and research in the market, and its know-hows

Roles and Responsibilities

Easy Pay values its retailers, and expects them to play their role, and fulfill their responsibilities with integrity. Here are some roles for our retailers:

  • To help and guide the customers in using the services being provided by Easy Pay
  • To help the customers understand the hardware console provided by Easy Pay, in order to avail the services
  • To market the services offered by Easy Pay to attract more customers to the shop/store
  • To promote the usage of Easy Pay for its services in the area to pool in more walk ins
  • To make sure that the customers are well attended to when they come to use Easy Pay for making payments
  • To merchandise the outlet well, so as to inform all the customers walking in, about the services being provided by Easy Pay

Easy Pay knows how hard LBAs work to look into the prospective retailers in the market, and expects them to perform their role accordingly. Have a look at some of the defining roles of a LBA:

  • Appointing new outlets within the assigned areas
  • Extending credit to all the areas within and under him
  • Ensuring that all the outlets are actively engaged in transacting, and are generating good revenues
  • Pushing the transactions of high margin services; increasing productivity and profitability
  • Timely cash collection from the assigned retailers
  • Ensuring proper installation of hardware, and training of retailers assigned
  • Fully capable of handling first level escalations pertaining to service, installation, training, and customer issues
  • Providing local support through campaigns and word of mouth, to improve and up-scale business
  • Ensuring proper merchandising of all the outlets
  • Ensuring a minimum stock of 5 POS devices is maintained at all times


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Offers And Promotions
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